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A Source Of Boise State's Inspiration

We are huge Boise State football fans. Mark’s father was Dean of Engineering for many years at the school. It was only natural that I became a fan after marrying into the family. It’s fun having a wardrobe full of blue and orange and hanging out with friends to watch the games.

Our respect is not just for the school and the team – it’s also for Coach Chris Peterson and his coaching staff. They see their job as not only winning games but building men of integrity who will lead, create and fulfill their commitments. How can you not love that?

Since Coach Pete has been at BSU, the team has grown in popularity around the nation. We’re the small town team known for trick plays and coming back from behind. The creativity of they playbook amazes me. Just when I think I’ve seen it all, another surprise play emerges. It’s crazy yet oh so fun to watch.

How does Coach Pete come up with his plays? Where does he get the inspiration needed to herd together young men from different walks of life and make them into a solid team?

I read an interesting article on one source of his inspiration. He’s part of “gang” made up of high achievers from our area. The group is not filled solely with coaches and athletes as you might assume. It’s an eclectic group ranging from a dancer, a county sheriff, an author and more.

They meet to share ideas and inspire one another. No one comes as the expert – only with a learning spirit. Nor do they hoard their creativity – they share it freely. It is seen as an unlimited resource that won’t run dry.

I love this. It shows the coach can learn from the dancer and the sheriff can provide motivation to the author. However, it also models the importance of sharing ideas.

When we keep our artistic and innovative thoughts to ourselves, we only promote blandness. We are children of the Creator, the source of all creativity, who gives it freely. No other is as creative as Him. If we truly believe this and place our confidence is in Him to fuel us, we can share freely without the fear of exhausting our supply.

A plant placed in a box will die from lack of light and water. The same goes for an idea that is not shared. We have not been give one idea that is will last us for a lifetime. Instead we have been given the One who connects us to the source of all creativity. If we believe and rely on Him, our possibilities are endless.

Trust in God and allow others to fuel your creativity and help bring their dreams to life also. No telling how far it will go when you have a “gang” to cheer you on.

Do you feel more inspired when you share your ideas with others?

Are you stimulated when brainstorming with others?


Well said. Your post reminds me of the parable of talents. Obviously a "talent" was a monetary value, but I think the parable was saying so much more than that. We are called to use our talents/gifts and to share our talents/gifts with others. Can you imagine at your birthday or Christmas if someone gave you a beautiful present with fancy wrapping paper and you just stuck it in the closet and never opened it? That would be unthinkable. Similarly, it should be unthinkable for us not to use our many gifts God gave us.

Amen to that. It's also no fun giving a gift if the person's not going to enjoy it. :-) A gift is useless unless it's received and used.

Thanks for sharing your insight.

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Laurie is author of I Love Him, I Love Him Not, I Finally Love Him. She asks hard questions, and shares transparent, sometimes funny and sometimes embarrassing, stories all while seeking to find Jesus in daily life.