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Shopping for a King

I recently discovered a gold mine. A little market sits just down the road from Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. Super King Market's has by far the best prices for produce around. I can walk out of there with 5 pounds of apples for under $4.00. It’s a miracle.


Besides ridiculously great prices for delightful produce, I also enjoy the people who shop there. The market is owned by a local Armenian family. They own three of these markets in the southern CA area. The employees represent a host of ethnicities from around the world; predominately from the Arab nations.  The majority of the produce as well as other basic grocery items are representative of the global market. There are probably twenty different types of olive oils and grape seed oils to choose from. I have yet to purchase yogurt there simply because I cannot read the labels and I love it. It’s from all over. At the moment, I am hooked on the Syrian cheese. Words cannot express its heavenly taste.


What I love most about King’s is how it brings people, with all their differences, together. We, as a human race, have countless differences. And we all need food. I enjoy shopping for Persian cucumbers, Kalamata olive sourdough bread and Syrian cheese alongside Indians, Persians, Armenians, women in burka’s, men in traditional dress, Hindu’s and Buddhists. I love checking out, while beautiful international music sounds down from the speakers above, and speaking with the cashiers from Egypt or Jordon. I love talking about our shared Christian heritage that hails from that part of the world. After all, God created man in the midst of the now Arab nations. The Patriarchs served the Lord on Arab land and Jesus grew up with Egyptian dirt on the soles of his shoes.   


Based on the style of dress from many shoppers, I’d say there is little belief or understanding that Jesus Christ is the savior of the world who is able to be their savior. I don’t know the Armenian family who owns the business. I do know that Armenia was the first Christian nation and remains so as it’s surrounded by non-Christian nations today. I believe King’s is a fitting name for such a market that caters to so many in search of a King; the King Jesus.


I love this little market for its food, its music, its culture, its challenge to me to represent the Gospel well. I love how it gathers nations for the purpose of food. I love how it prompts me to remember that Jesus is near at all times, even in the grocery store and I love how I’m reminded to speak to him about whatever is on my mind.


Are there places you go regularly or have been to that remind you Jesus is always near? What’s on your mind when you’re in a place outside your culture or comfort zone?

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