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221B Baker Street

One of the most famous addresses in the world isn't a real one. Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character who lived in London at 221B Baker Street. It's a place people went to for help and the address still looms large.
What address comes to mind when you are at your wit's end? In recent current events, we will have heard now of Syria and we understand that we have a history with Russia. We know that refugees seeking help are seeking also an address--a place where one can either call home or visit to feel at home. I can tell you that I grew up on Henry Rd and later moved to Portland Avenue and Heaton Street. Most people could care less, but I knew where I received mail and I knew a place that was called mine.
It's what we want leaders to protect when they go to war. Working class men and women don't care about fighting total strangers nor do far off countries get a lot of attention in the news cycle that is so often focused on American interests. On the contrary, we are hoping that someon knows where we live and protects people and places important to us.
It's one of the main reasons people visited Holmes at his now famous flat. The stories unfolded with the mystery being launched at the famous detective's address. Why? I think it's because Holmes, like so many of us, did his best thinking, reflecting, and questioning in a place that was familiar to him. And for so many in the world where this feeling of home is wishful thinking or a consistent dream, the mystery remains: who will welcome the stranger until he or she is known? Eugene Peterson wrote that the 'word became flesh and moved to the neighborhood,' and so we can say it another way, grace comes unexpectedly to our doorstep every day and asks us to welcome even that which we did not see coming. 
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As a University director of study abroad in Central Texas, ideas and stories matter. These reflections are for pilgrims making progress.