Faithbook of Jesus
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Written for twentysomethings by a twentysomething, Faithbook of Jesus gives real encouragement while providing a direct connection to pop culture and online community. With an honest voice, author Renee Johnson goes into relevant topics, such as body image, fear, balance, relationships, sexuality, and much more. The casual, conversational, time-efficient devotions are designed to make truth real.

If you’re searching for encouragement and direction as you strive to own your faith in a faithless culture, Faithbook of Jesus offers timeless insights as you grow daily in your walk with God. It addresses your needs, challenges, and fears through relevant and inspiring daily devotionals.

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As if being a twentysomething was bad enough, try being a Christian on top of that! Amid the confusion and angst of growing up, it's easy to lose one's focus on Christ. Fortunately there's "Devotional Diva" Renee Johnson who has written a devotional book aimed at twentysomething Christians called "Faithbook of Jesus."