Eric MacLeod
I like cafeteria food!
22 years old
La Mirada, CA
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Eric is a recent graduate of Biola University with a Bachelor in Fine Arts. He studied Drawing, Painting, Art History, and Graphic Design.
running, bicycling, reading, drawing, philosophizing, reading blogs
good coffee, good music, language, history
future of forestry, moby, coldplay, radiohead, u2, jon foreman, switchfoot, jars of clay, lovedrug, sparta, denison witmer, copeland, cold war kids, someone still loves you boris yeltsin, m. ward
Chariots of Fire, braveheart, shawshank redemption, it's a wonderful life, classic disney, alfred hitchcock, m. night shamylan, Breaking Away, The Climb, Crash, the Godfather, Helvetica
New American Standard Bible, J.P. Moreland, Josh McDowell, Gary Witherall, Death Of A Salesman, Backpacking One Step at a Time, D.B. Updike, Stanley Morison, Gerard Unger,
B.F.A. in Interdisciplinary Art Biola University '08
I work in a warehouse. My job is to receive, test, and "remanufacture" digital photo frames. I receive a mess of returns from Costco, QVC, Kohls, JCPenny, Toys R' Us, KMart, the list goes on.