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Christy and Lausanne

In October of this year, if the Lord does not prevent it, I will fly to Cape Town, South Africa, to participate as a US delegate at the Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization. Sounds pretty intense, huh? Well, it is.

In January, I travelled to Dallas for my first meeting in preparation of this event. I have been part of two meetings since then - one in NYC and one in Boston - and I will be participating via webstream next week in a meeting taking place in California, at Saddleback, pastored by Rick Warren, who prayed at President Obama's inauguration.

The closer I get to this event, and the more of my time, money and through I invest in it, the more deeply I care about it - what it represents, what it stands for, and what it means for Christians and the world at large. 

For the next little while on my blog, I plan to wrestle publically with the questions, issues and topics I'll face as a delegate. To give you an idea of the scope of this honor, there will be 4,000 delegates in Cape Town from over 200 nations. From the US, only 400 of the 2,000 + applicants were chosen. As I consider this, I am increasingly realizing what a privilege it is to go.

And I really, really want it to count. 

So I am reading, praying, talking, listening, studying, writing and, oh yes, did I mention praying?! I invite you to do all of the above with me. Please stick with me through this and share your input. As we were reminded in Boston recently, Cape Town's Lausanne Congress is a beginning, or at least a continuation; it's not the end goal.

Let the conversation commence. 


Hi Christy-
I'm jealous. What an inspiring gathering you are preparing to embark on! I remember a missiology professor of mine, Dr. Timothy Tennent, once talking about his experience at the Manilla Luasanne and about the world conference on evangelism in 2004. He made a comparison regarding the noticable difference between the various meetings since the beginning in 1974. The first couple meetings were run mostly by big name evangelist at the time who happened to be from Western cultures and who were white men. A shift took place in the 90's however and since that time, the gatherings have been made up of people of all nations, both men and women. The frontmen of the evangelism movement are no longer the Billy Graham's and the John Stott's and Ralph Winters. They are however, the African widow and young underground Chinese pastor.

So I'm curious what 2010 will look like. After Stephen was killed in Acts for his faith, a lot of Christians left the scene and scattered to a number of places where they spread the gospel. They were no name Christians. They weren't the disciples or anyone well known. They were common, ordinary people. Much like those called to the Luasanne gathering today.

Thank you for talking about this meeting. It's such an important one and one that I am glad to join in conversation with you and others about.

Thanks Christy!

Hi Carrie,

I continue to be humbled by comments such as this, because clearly there are many people who have been tracking with this movement longer than I have, and have already invested a lot of time and thought into it. I was talking with Sara Groves a bit about this in Boston last week... we both talked about how we were pretty ignorant of this movement until very recently, namely, when we were invited to be part of it. Meanwhile, people who have gone before us are much more aware of the scope and nature of this movement, and yet are not able to go. We're humbled and thankful to be part of it.

I am doing a lot of reading and listening to messages and online lessons to get caught up with the history of the movement, and hoping to lead a small group of people here in Staten Island in becoming more involved with the issues. In the end, it's not about growing the Lausanne Movement, but rather it's about getting behind the issues at hand. Lausanne is simpyl the framework for dialogue.

Thank you for sharing here!


Christy, how exciting that you're going to South Africa for the Third Lausanne Congress. That's huge! I'm going to be at the Saddleback event next Thursday. Looks like a terrific lineup of speakers, including Doug Birdsall. Maybe I'll rush the stage and wave so you can see me on the webstream.

Stan- I'm jealous of you too! Birdsall's office is on Gordon-Conwell's campus, or at least used to be, so I was fortunate to glean from his wisdom and experience while in beantown. He's a cool guy. Yes, please rush the stage!

I met Doug for the first time in Dallas this past January, at the first Lausanne gathering I attended for delegates going to Cape Town and other leaders who want to be involved but are not going to Cape Town. He really struck me as a genuinely humble man who loves the Lord and longs to see the gospel transform lives to the ends of the earth. I'm grateful to be walking behind him and others like him, ready to take the torch when the time comes.

Carrie, I'm planning to drop your name when I meet Doug. Hopefully it will score me some points. Of course, you and I are just onlookers compared to Christy, who's actually going to South Africa.

Stan, please do! I'll keep an eye out for you! Maybe we can text one another during the event. I'll suggest things to shout out.

Nice idea! I guess it's better than rushing the stage.

Hey Christy, I think there are seven of us from NY ( with Tim Keller & Adam Durso) that's going to Cape Town. Ironically, three of us from S.I make up the majority to the congress from all of New York ( including NYC) as a whole. you, me and my ( Lydia) wife. My wife and I started a multi-site church a couple of years ago here in S.I and in Manhattan and bought a home here in staten Island a few years ago.

First, I passionately want to attend Lausanne because I believe the Lausanne movement is singularly the most credible and diverse alliance of "Evangelical" Christianity represented in the world today. For me personally, the lausanne covenant is a breathe of fresh in the rise of both humanism and universalism in of all major cities in our world today and I believe revisiting and recommitting the "reason" and need for global evangelization is perhaps more paramount today than it was in 1974!

Secondly, as an emerging leader in my region I would love to enter into conversation with other leaders all around the world about the most pressing global issues that are facing the church today and put our petty differences aside and focus on the goal of representing Christ in our generation with power, humility and integrity.

lastly, I am very much interested in the conversation as to how the church globally will reach the twenty something's in every major city in our planet. As a pastor to the emerging generation here in Manhattan, New York I believe I can serve the Lausanne movement by contributing an unique perspective about emerging culture as a first hand practitioner and help foster a conversation and network of like minded global leaders that can create innovative ways to reach the emerging culture in every major city in the world today with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This is my ultimate hope and reason for my desire to attend Lausanne in cape-town 2010. I'm so glad we all can be part of it!

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