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Chopping Wood Will Save The Earth - All Hail the Axe

I am not sure about this, but I think chopping wood might help us save the earth.  Follow the bouncing ball:

1. We live in San Diego and have a nice chunk of land behind our house thanks to the power line that runs over it and the power pole that is in the middle of it.  Once a year, the power company comes out to trim all our trees in the back area so that they don’t touch the power lines.  This year, they cut down a 50 foot eucalyptus tree and left the trunk and big branches in 2 foot sections on the ground. 2. Enter me, last Saturday, to the back yard with an axe, VERY VERY frustrated by the US v. England result in the World Cup (yes I love the World Cup and yes we need a new coach and yes I tried to cheer for the US instead of England and ended up frustrated with both sides).

3.  Chop.  Chop.  Chop.  Chop.

4.  Two hours later I had chopped and stacked about half the fallen tree.  Now, you should know, I love chopping wood with an axe.  Maybe because I am a city boy and maybe because I have fantasies about a ranch sometime in my future where I raise sheep and corn, but I love chopping wood.  It is great therapy for bad soccer or bad writing or bad children.  But I digress.

5.  While chopping said wood, I realized that wood makes paper (I know – not a big illumination) and a bunch of other stuff I use carelessly.  I then wondered how much paper I would use if I had to chop all of the wood that went into my paper bags, printer paper, paper towels, paper napkins, paper airplanes…..and I decided that I would care for it more and use less.

At some point not so long ago most of the people in most of the places on this earth had to chop their own wood, grow their own food, build their own houses, etc.  Now I am not arguing that things aren’t better now or that we would be better off as hunter-gatherers.  But, I think, at least to some degree, if I slowed down and chopped wood more often, I would better see the value of the world around me and use it more accordingly.  My pace of life and my failure to touch and feel the source of so much that I use clearly clouds my perspective on value, consumption, and use.

So.  Find a tree.  Cut it down.  Chop the wood.  And Save the Earth.  The logic is infallible! (not really)



In some way it will help the earth, but if you look at the picture it will damage the earth. - James Stuckey

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