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General Motors and Jesus Christ

On Monday, June 1, 2009 General Motors unveiled plans to close 14 plants and three warehouses in a move that could ultimately slash up to 20,000 workers from its payrolls, as the company undergoes an historic bankruptcy restructuring.

This is terrible news for just about everyone, most particularly the thousands of workers who have lost (or will lose) their job. As an economically engaged Christian, I do not think that God desires anyone to stay indefinitely involuntarily unemployed and I believe we should be praying for everyone affected.

Here are few points to consider

1) Difficult circumstances are a time to become stronger. A year or so ago, two friends of mine were facing personal finance challenges. Today, one of them is sinking into alcoholism, is divorced, and has little custody of his children. The other is working two jobs, sweating a lot, but has developed more character in the last year than in his previous 34.

2) Spouses can make all the difference. Again, two friends in similar situations. One was in real estate and got wacked when the bubble burst. The other an investment banker who got rightsized. They both lived in 4000+ square foot homes with beautiful wives. The investment banker sold his house and moved into an 800 square foot apartment. His wife says she likes it because they are all closer together. They are doing well.

The real estate guy tried to sell his home. But his wife announced she was moving in with a doctor and he could keep the kids. She's since burned through another doctor and a lawyer. His and her life suck tremendously.


3) Don't get bitter, get creative. When the enconomy gets tough, some people start to grumble and complain. Others sit and hope. Tomorrow's rich learn from the experience and start getting creative for the future.

4) Consider education. Today's job market is tough especially for some professions. Now is a time to consider beefing up your skill set or getting the long desired Masters degree.

5) Churches should have support groups. We've done this with divorce recovery, addiction issues, etc...Churches should be setting up support groups not only to provide comfort to the unemployed but also to give them recovery from unemployment i.e. help people locate jobs, pick up temp work, create a data base, offer trainings, special prayer services....anything...This opportunity to love the unemployed should not be missed...



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