Crave: Wanting So Much More of God
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People yearn for many things, but only Jesus Christ can satisfy the deepest cravings of the human heart. Many individuals, however, have settled for a cultural Christianity and lost their vibrant, day-by-day relationship with Him. This collection of short, real-life stories from an exciting young author reveals that life with God can be a surprising, challenging, and richly satisfying journey. Readers of Donald Miller and Anne Lamott will love these vignettes of people who…

talk to strangers about God—and find out why sharing their faith can actually be enjoyable

answer their calls—and delight in godly obedience

floss every day—and discover the rewards of daily prayer

Sometimes humorous, occasionally tender, and always thought-provoking, these slices of life connect with 20- and 30-somethings who crave a deeper level of intimacy with God.
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Crave is a great in-depth look at the fundamental questions about God we ask ourselves everyday. Chris Tomlinson is a great story teller who keeps the reader involved at all times. He prods at areas in your life you've never really questioned and shows us how God is built into our being whether we know it or not. Learning to crave what is right is a definite bi-product of this book. I recommend it to everyone no matter what spiritual level or interest.

Reviewed by Mark A. Buzard

I did something rare this evening: I started - and finished - a non-fiction book. Crave, by Chris Tomlinson - no, not Chris Tomlin - he's the singer - Chris Tomlinson. (Don't know if he can sing, but he writes well...)

Reviewed by Granola Mom

Let me ask you the same thing Chris asked me as I read his book. What do you crave? Are you always looking towards the next event? Do you struggle to be present in the moment? Are your thoughts consumed with idols, things that you dwell upon that distract you from what your soul REALLY wants?

Reviewed by Steve Robbins