Conquering Chaos with Love
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This 30-day DVD series will be your tool to self discovery and a deeper understanding of God's love for you. We live in a fast-paced world with high expectations, resulting in a chaotic life. We will explore the Seven Deadly Sins in contrast to the freedom we gain from the Fruit of the Spirit. Learn to love yourself and the people around you by conquering CHAOS with Love.

The 30-day program includes a DVD segmented into weekly video presentations, a comprehensive teaching section and getting personal questions for you to answer in the provided workbook. 

In an effort to keep you engaged, each day includes a scripture, a thought and a question. Also comes with a pocket-sized daily reader.


30 - 7 - 9 - 1

In 30 days you will learn... to defeat The 7 Deadlies:

Pride ~ Greed ~ Lust ~ Gluttony ~ Envy ~ Anger ~ Sloth to cultivate The 9 Fruit:

Goodness ~ Faithfulness ~ Gentleness ~ Self Conrol

...and how to nurture The 1 Thing needed for spiritual growth


That's right, "Self Love!" The extent to which you can love God and others is directly related to your ability to love yourself. Through this fresh and insightful study of the Word of God, you will learn why:

  • The ability to experience and display the Spirit's Fruit begins with love
  • The root of most problems and negative behaviors is a lack of unconditional self love
  • Not loving yourself holds you back from being who God designed you to be.

Life coach Ernie Becker brings you all this and more in this engaging, multi-faceted program. The videos, teaching sections, study questions and daily reader will guide you through a life-changing month of spiritual growth.


This is NOT a self-help program. Conquering Chaos with Love is about self discovery that leads to God dependence. STOP the chaos and START living a more fulfilling life today!

Ernest A. Becker V (Ernie) is a licensed Christian life coach who holds a certificate from PCCCA (Professional Christian Coaching and Counseling Academy) and is the author and creator of Conquering Chaos with Love, E5's "5" Step Transformation Program and many others to follow. He is the father of a beautiful daughter and currently divides his time between Las Vegas and Bear Lake, Utah.


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Ernie was very easy to talk to and always had positive feedback, even when I was in the most negative state of mind. Throughout the coaching process, we touched on many areas in my spiritual life. I was brought back to my relationship with God having been away for awhile.

I have known Ernie Becker since 1997. We became acquainted through a mutual friend of ours, Mason Harvey. Shortly after meeting, we began doing business together. I consulted Ernie with his business, Becker V Development which resulted in our looking at his personal development as well. When the consulting contract was complete in 1998, Ernie and I continued our friendship and business involvement. I have personally witnessed Ernie's challenges and victories, and more importantly, his tremendous growth as a person.

Ernie is not intimidating and is a darn good listener. Throughout the coaching process, I discovered my real self, which took courage and honesty. I am now able to relate to people on a whole new level. Not knowing my true self kept me from relating to others on anything other than the surface.