My Conversation with Mae's Jacob Marshall (Part 2 of 2)

First published on the IAM Podcast, this is part two of my conversation with Mae's drummer, Jacob Marshall.

Art is a Gift: Jake Armerding Gets It

In my previous post, I talked about a book I'm reading right now (and loving), "The Gift" by Lewis Hyde.

At International Arts Movement, we talk a lot about radical generosity. This is one of our core values (which include wresting with the deep questions of art, faith and humanity; embodying and fostering aspirational and enterprising spirits in artists; and rehumanizing every aspect of our culture). This is something we want to see more of - artists who "get" that their art is a gift, not a commodity. Where much has been given, much is required.

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My Conversation with Mae's Jacob Marshall

I recently attended a summit for creative professionals in Boston, and the moderator of the summit was Jacob Marshall, drummer for the rock band Mae. Jacob is a pretty remarkable individual, and part of a very remarkable band. I quickly jumped at the chance to interview him for the IAM Podcast, and this is the first half of our conversation. For more on Mae's current project, which embodies radical generosity in an amazing way, visit

If you have trouble listening to the link here, you may also hear it here:

Where There is No Gift There is No Art

One of the best things about working so closely with Makoto Fujimura is that I have a rich resource of amazing recommended reading, and that from a man who embodies radical generosity in a way I have rarely seen. Books he has given me to help feed and nourish my spirit include "To Kill A Mockingbird," "Surprised by Hope" (NT Wright), and most recently, "The Gift," by Lewis Hyde. (Not to mention Mako's own books, "River Grace" and "Refractions."

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The Songwriter's Workshop: The Darkest Day

In this first installment of The Songwriter's Workshop, Christy talks a bit about a new song she is working on and performs it in the rough. Songwriters, musicians, and music lovers of all stripes are welcome to offer input, constructive criticism and thoughts on how to make this song better.

The Story Behind the Song: Christy wondered what it might have been like for Jesus' friends and family on the day between the crucifixion and the resurrection... here's one idea.

Fools for God and Idiots for Jesus

Recently, I was in a room with a bunch of Christians who had gathered to wrestle with several culturally relevant issues. We were together for several hours, sometimes listening to designated speakers, sometimes participating in a Q & A, and sometimes just talking amongst ourselves.

At one point, a nicely groomed gentleman who looked to be my dad's age offered some comments about one of the issues at hand. But he also made a side comment something to the effect of, "My kids tell me I don't have an 'awkward filter,' meaning that I am oblivious to when I am making someone uncomfortable when I'm witnessing to them. But I can't help it! I'm a fool for God! I'm an idiot for Jesus! I'll go up to people in the mall and share the Lord with them, because I just have to!"

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IAM Podcast: A Conversation with Andy Crouch

Originally published on the IAM Podcast (, this is my latest interview - featuring author and documentary filmmaker Andy Crouch (

Another Inconvenient Truth

You might call it another inconvenient truth.

While condoms can reduce the possibility of contracting AIDS through sexual intercourse, the only way to completely avoid the disease is still the unpopular practice of abstinence.

Absintence is also the only way to avoid unwanted pregnancies. 

The Pope is in Africa right now, and he finally articulated for the press what everyone has known anyway: his stand on how to help eradicate AIDS is to counsel people to practice absinence and sex exclusively within a monogamous marriage.

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My Living Room (Live)

Christy performs "My Living Room" on Grandfather Rock's radio show. With Steve Segarra and Aaron Niles on percussion.

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Angry Conversations With God

I’m going to cut right to the chase: there is a new book coming out tomorrow that I really hope you will buy and read.

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