Faith and Beer

"But if all of you are prophesying, and unbelievers or people who don’t understand these things come into your meeting, they will be convicted of sin and judged by what you say. As they listen, their secret thoughts will be exposed, and they will fall to their knees and worship God, declaring, 'God is truly here among you'” (1 Corinthians 14:24-25, NLT).

God used that passage of Scripture over six years to speak to me. He told me that my writing would bring people to Christ! I was searching and searching for an excuse to find a reason to write because writing was too difficult for me. I was so broken. My faith was not where it needed to be.

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Whom do you follow?

"Can one blind person lead another? Won't they both fall into a ditch" (Luke 6:39, NLT)?

Today's blog inspiration comes from a number of places.

#1 - Editing my dating & relationships book for Harvest House

#2 - Study of 1 John 1

#3 - Personal reflection & quiet time

#4 - Time spent with my boyfriend.

#5 - Remembering my first book, "Faithbook of Jesus."

Recently, I was convicted and encouraged by the "blind leading the blind" passage. What a great representation of examining the self, right? David was personal with God; that is why I believe He was called a man after God's own heart. He continually asked God to "search" his heart (Psalm 139:23-24). David's impact on the Israelites went deeper than just a king, but through knowing God he was able to leave an eternal blessing and dynasty (2 Samuel 7:29).

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Faith is Dynamite

Dynamite faith is childlike faith.

The other day I was having my quiet time (as I do every morning), and it JUST happened to be the day I was going to sit down and "discuss" with God how He's going to provide for my needs. I mean...

He called me.

Told me to move.

And so here I am scared and asking like a little child...or am I?

A child does not repeatedly ask his parents whether he will be taken to a doctor if he becomes ill or whether there will be another meal to eat (at least, not very often in our culture). The reason he does not ask such questions is that his parents have proven to him over and over again they they love him enough to take care of his needs. It is the same with God...
This is faith. How happy would a parent be if his child constantly questioned him as to whether his needs would be met? The parent would feel frustrated and sad, perhaps angry that the child did not trust him (Billy Graham, Unto The Hills, January 29).
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Never Going Back

Have you ever seen the movie Finding Forrester? Sean Connery taught a young boy how to write by using his words, then when he felt comfortable enough he would start using his own words. What a great tool for writers block!!! For this week's blog, I felt it was appropriate to use a poem I wrote many years ago when I was in a REALLY bad spot.

I had just moved to Texas to do DTS (Discipleship Training School) with Ambassadors For Christ and my eczema had begun to take the skin off my hands...which was devastating considering I just recovered from losing the skin off my face and feet.

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Interview with Alece Ronzino

I thought today would be a good to post my interview with Alece, creator of One Word 2011. It's been a couple weeks for the New Year to sink in, and people's resolutions and values to be tested. At least for me they have! 

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. What a blessing to celebrate a man with a dream. Someone who risked their life for a cause.

Today, I am honored to share with you Alece's story. One of great great dreams and great losses. I ask her what her dream is, and (not) surprisingly she answers that she's not sure. 

Interview ::  

Renee: "When did you start picking a word to be the anthem or theme of your year?"

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15 Reasons to Read Your Bible This Year!!

In 1997, my mom gave me a NLT One Year Bible. I was in the hospital with severe eczema all over my face and feet. She read to me Hosea 6:1-3 that says, 

“Come, let us return to the Lord. He has torn us to pieces; now he will heal us. He has injured us; now he will bandage our wounds. In just a short time he will restore us, so that we may live in his presence. Oh, that we might know the Lord! Let us press on to know him. He will respond to us as surely as the arrival of dawn or the coming of rains in early spring.”

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Late Night Confession

I know how to be assertive in business; I don't know how to be responsive (not initiate) in relationships :(

It started off as a tweet. In my quiet time my thoughts grew louder until it made its way onto the page.

Here is my late night confession...

I can't ruin it and it's not [already] too late. Jesus please forgive me for thinking that You're not above or bigger than me and my problems. Seriously ridiculous.

The Lord always keeps his promises; he is gracious in all he does. The Lord helps the fallen and he lifts those bent beanth their loads. When you open your hand, you satisfy the hunger and thirst of every living thing. The Lord is righteous in everything he does, he is filled with kindness. The Lord is close to all who call on him in truth. He grants the desires of those who fear him, he hears their cries for help and rescues them (Psalm 145:13-14, 16-19, NLT).

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Seminary Update #2

Yep. That’s right Update #2.

Today I went to visit Bethel Seminary in San Diego. I am interested in their Masters of Arts (Theological Studies), or M.A (T.S.) with an emphasis in Biblical Studies.

Before I get ahead of myself. I want to share a series of confirmations I’ve received about Bethel. Normally, I’m reluctant to share because it’s not often that God says “go here, do this.” Because…

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My BIG Announcement

I couldn’t wait to spill the beans. I have decided that it’s time to apply for seminary. For those of you who know me, this is something I’ve prayed about for a while.

I’m ready to know more about the Word.

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New Living Translation

Last week, I drove down to San Diego Children's Hospital and sat in the parking lot so I could tell you my good news.

Thirteen years ago God asked me to be his feet. Six years after that God  asked me to be his hands. For ten  years I watched as everyone else excelled, and I stayed at home. Stuck.  The only thing I wasn't stuck were my quiet times. Daily Devotionals became my sanctuary as the skin peeled off my face, feet, and hands. Then a miracle happened. The Word healed me.

I am so honored to be past my humiliating and horrified days of living without any skin on my (DISCLAIMER: Do not click if you have a queasy stomach) Fingers, Hands, Feet.
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