What Is Prayer? It’s Like Gravity

Prayer is an example of Christian truth – it is true “all the way down.” Being true at one level, it is true at all levels, but it is not the same at each level.

Consider gravity: a child of three can comprehend that if he drops a toy, it falls to the ground; if he throws the toy up into the air, it goes up and then down. Without any comprehension of how gravity works, he can have many hours of fun tossing, bouncing, and throwing balls.

A mathematician can work out the equations that describe the effects of gravity on everything from rubber balls to entire galaxies. On the basis of minute calculations and sophisticated mathematics, a team of dedicated scientists and engineers can send a rocket soaring out of the confines of Earth’s gravity.

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Dr. Holly Ordway is a professor of composition and literature. She speaks and writes regularly on literature, especially fantasy literature and poetry, and literary apologetics.