Where Faith and Life Collide

I finally found her!  Our new office manager is college educated, bilingual, has business experience, and is Kingdom minded.  I had been looking to fill this position for quite awhile and my deadline was fast approaching.  Eva graduated from a Christian college with a business degree.  She articulated well her desire to use her skills for God's Kingdom work, even though she could make more money in a corporate setting.  Her heart for the families in our neighborhood and her own similar experience growing up in a low income area made her a perfect fit for our community development work.  Once again I rejoiced how God had brought us the perfect person to join our ministry team. 

 Today I fired Eva.  It turns out she doesn't not have legal papers to work here.  I would not have known except that she felt convicted by God to be honest with me.  Her reward for her integrity and character is losing the job.  She said she was thinking of me, of the organization.  She didn't want us to invest in her and then find out later that she is undocumented.  If I did not know, I would have been able to keep her on.  Now that I know, I have to let her go. 

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Sit in the Chair

There is a trend in my community to place Adirondack chairs- two of them- on the front lawn of one's house.  I see them around town- under trees, on porches, on lawns...red chairs, black chairs, green chairs, mostly white.  On one street I frequent, there is a red set under a lemon tree with a little table in between them set with a bowl full of lemons.  It is very quaint, even pretty.  In another neighborhood, off the bay, there are two white Adirondack chairs on the lawn when you first drive in the security gate.  There isn't even a house there, just two chairs on a common lawn area.  Every time I pull in I wonder who sits in those chairs.  It's like the chairs are there to announce, "We relax here! " " We lean back in our expensive chairs with our feet in the grass and enjoy living by the bay."  But the thing is I have never seen anyone sit in them.  In fact I have never seen anyone sit in any Adirondack chairs anywhere around town.  I don't even know how to say Adirondack.

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The Center of the World

It recently hit me how obsessed I am with news.  I was walking down my cousin's driveway when I saw her newspaper lying in its plastic bag unopened, unread.  I was drawn to it like a chocolate pastry.  We were on our way out and all I wanted to do was pick up the LA Times and pour over it.  I had already spent two hours that morning flipping back and forth between CNN and Headline News (even though Headline news is the same every half hour- it's as if I were waiting for breaking news or something).

Since that Sunday morning I have been reflecting on this weird need in me to find out what's going on.  I gave up gossip for Lent, maybe the news is a way to fill the "scoop" void in me- a global gossip- if you will.  But I would like to think there is more to it than wanting to sound smart and informed at parties.

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