What is ConversantLife All About? - Video #3

Oh, I see where you're going with this!! There's a pattern here. Can't we all just get along?

What is ConversantLife All About? - Video #2

...here's the second video segment. The Conservative VS. The Liberal. An age old fight between Republicans and Democrats; between the elephant and the donkey; the blue and the red; between dogs and cats...OK, we just threw that one in for fun. ENJOY!!!

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What is ConversantLife All About? - Video #1

As people of faith in the 21st Century we tend to disagree on A LOT. But instead of fighting back and forth all the time shouldn't we be able to have a healthy conversation, ask questions, and dare we say...even laugh a little about our differences? The conversation begins at www.conversantlife.com, a place where you can engage your faith through your passions.

ConversantLife.com Video Update

What's going on right now on ConversantLife.com? What our video update to fin out. Peace!

ConversantLife.com Video Update, 09.03

Get up to speed on what the Undiscovered section of conversant is...we've got some techno tricks for you and a blurb from the 80s?...

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