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An Interview with Derek Webb on Stockholm Syndrome

I got the opportunity to sit down with one of my industry heroes: artist, musician, and rebel-rouser, Derek Webb. Check out the audio from our discussion. We discuss Stockholm Syndrome: his controversial new album which comes out tomorrow, musicianship as a full-time small business, and the responsibility of an artist in today's culture.

Conversant Podcast: Missional Living with Shane Claiborne

Conversant sits down with author and culture maker, Shane Claiborne, and talks missional living, circus theology, and virtual community. For more information on Shane visit

Conversant Podcast: Molly Jenson, Mike Fiscoll

The Very First Podcast:

An interview with singer/songwriter Molly Jenson, The American Idol Christianity debate, and a special guest appearance by hipster pastor, Mike Fiscoll.

Back to Life


Our chests beat

Our lungs go in and out

But are we living?

Our time flies

Our bodies bend and break

But are we giving?

Awaken our souls crying out to be complete

Our hearts have forgotten why they beat


Bring us back to life

It's Your glory that we breathe

Bring us back to life, Lord, life Lord

Bring us back o life

It's Your mercy that we need

Bring us back to life Lord, life Lord


We shout loud

Our voices make a sound

But are we praising

We choose now

A generations vow

Your life embracing

Awaken our souls crying out to be complete

Our hearts have forgotten why they beat



And we will run along the path of Your commands

For it is you that set out hearts free

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