Many Roads

From the new album, "Counting Stars."

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World Traveler

From the new album, "Counting Stars."

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God of My Fathers

From the new album, "Counting Stars"

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Dancing in the Minefields

"This album grew into something I couldn't foresee and didn't intend," Andrew Peterson says of his new music project. "Counting Stars has songs that are so personal I'm a little embarrassed to incude them." A beautiful example is "Dancing in the Minefields," a haunting yet hopeful song about love and marriage.

Andrew Peterson - Dancing in the Minefields from Centricity Music on Vimeo.

Counting Stars

Centricity Music artist Andrew Peterson is a guy with a guitar, yes, but a guy-with-a-guitar who is so intentionally rooted in the stuff of life—in family, friendship, community, home and even the very plot of land he lives on—that he seems almost counter-culture. Okay, maybe Andrew Peterson is counter-culture. But it’s not his fault. It’s the culture that shifted.

Over the last ten years Andrew Peterson has quietly carved out a niche for himself as one of the most thoughtful, poetic, and lyrical songwriters of his generation. More recently he’s established himself as the grassroots facilitator of an online literary and songwriting community ( and an emerging fantasy novelist as well (The Wingfeather Saga).

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God gave music the power to carry his light into the darkness. It means intentionally telling stories and writing songs that bear truth that outlasts the songs themselves.

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