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Atheist Role Play

Last month I had the opportunity of speaking at the "Love God With All Your Mind" conference co-hosted by Biola University and Mt. Airy Bible Church. Other speakers included Frank Turek, Greg Koukl, Steve Schrader, and Craig Hazen. I was asked to speak on Apologetics for a New Generation. For the first hour I role-played an atheist. For any of you who teach or speak to youth, this may help provide a model for you on how to play 'Devil's Advocate" with young people so they are forced to defend their beliefs. Enjoy!

Sean McDowell - Apologetics for a New Generation from Mt. Airy Bible Church on Vimeo.


Such role plays are very powerful for young adults. Do you think atheists tend to be less responsible than people of faith? It does make sense, if you don't expect to continue your life beyond, why bother setting a good example for the next generations? So many problems in our society relate to the lack of faith. What pushed people to stop believing?

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Sean McDowell is a teacher, author, speaker, husband and father. He is an avid fan of college basketball, ping-pong, and his favorite superhero is the Amazing Spiderman.