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Play with Fire

Play with Fire is the debut book by dynamic speaker and Bible teacher Bianca Olthoff. In it, Bianca shares her story of transforming faith and a trial by fire that ultimately refined her and propelled into a life of unquenchable fiery passion for God.

As Chief Storyteller for A21, Bianca is versed in the art of storytelling and gifted in communicating the truths about God’s character. Play with Fire is no exception.

Bianca chronicles her life and weaves Biblical stories throughout, bringing about relatable and applicable learning’s from ancient Bible times. In fact, most of her personal story told throughout the pages, parallel the famous story of Moses and the Israelites from captivity to freedom, from the dry and barren dessert to the Promise land and the 40 year rollercoaster ride in the middle. Much of Bianca’s life experiences tell of her own discovery of freedom by way of enduring the loneliness and driest metaphorical desert places and the pain that comes with feeling as if God is far from you, yet seemingly close to others around you.

Also spread across the pages is the heart wrenching account of her mother’s battle with cancer and of her miraculous healing.  

The over arching theme and message of the book is discovering a life of freedom and eyes to look and see the Lord is good, in and through all life’s trials and struggles. The way to discovering this posture of gratitude, often comes from the times in our lives we feel God is most distant; the desert seasons throughout life. One of my favorite quotes from the book is “We cannot worship God for the gifts of freedom and salvation without having known captivity and desolation first. When we know the cost of our freedom, it drives us to worship. True worship almost always happens in the desert wilderness, and praise is almost always the answer to a plea that rises up in us while we are in the desert.”

Profound words right there that can only come from someone whose been through the desert, refined by the fire and come out blazing with palms up ready to praise God and serve others. This is what it means to worship. To recognize, despite circumstances in life, God is the author and giver of all good things. When we recognize and believe without a doubt He is good and loving, we can’t help but give Him all of who we are.

I believe it takes a lot of courage to share personal faith and personal struggle such as Bianca has done in Play with Fire. As her courageously told story reveals, it is truly a blessing from God to endure the deserts. It is in the desert moments of life when we cry out to Him, thereby creating space for Him to be seen and heard above the noise in our lives. It is here He has more opportunity to be near us and draw us near Him by His transforming love. Bianca’s story of experiencing her own desert and refinement by fire I believe will inspire others to continue to seek God above all else (shopping, relationships, money, fame, etc.).  As Bianca learned to worship in the dry places in her life, she found freedom and flourishing by the power of God’s Spirit working in and through her.

Play with Fire releases August 30th. You can pre-order a copy today for $11.25. You can also check out the Play with Fire website for the book trailer, a free chapter download, and tour dates of when and where Bianca may be speaking soon and much more.

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