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Final Ferry Dust Post

We know the seasons: fall, winter, spring, summer. But what do we call the in-between seasons? Right now, for example. Today is the first day of fall. But it still feels a bit like summer in NYC. It's warm and sunny, we have fans running in our apartments and air conditioning in the subway and offices. Technically it's fall, but really it's still summer. For a bit longer. We're in an in-between season. Fummer. Or Sall. Or whatever.

Life moves in seasons, too. You're in one job, but you're in discussions about a move, so you feel transitional. You're active at your church, but visiting new churches, so you feel transitional. You're living in one city, but contemplaing a move, so you feel transitional. You're single, but you're getting serious with someone, so you feel transitional. Your heart is not fully anywhere. It's divided, it's moving, but not yet.

The seasons of weather and the seasons of life don't change cleanly; there are transitional periods, which can feel chaotic and confusing. You wear a sweater, because it's fall, and end up a sweaty mess halfway through the day, because it's 81 degrees outside. Nothing is sure, everything is up in the air, focus is blurry, the future is unclear, and anxiety can take over if we're not diligent to "just remain calm." For people like me, who need a sense of being in control, transitional seasons are excruciating. I like clean breaks, clear boundaries, and clarified titles. I am in, or I am out. But the discerning period is torture. The waiting and wondering eats away at me like ants on a peonie bush. But, like ants and their peonies, I trust that, when all is said and done and the waiting is over, a flower will emerge.

I've enjoyed writing Ferry Dust these past couple of years. The original idea - musings from the Staten Island Ferry - gave way to musings about life in general, rarely written from the Staten Island Ferry. But as my plate got full, and opportunities for outside writing grew, I found myself losing focus. Rather than writing from a place of inspiration, I was writing sheerly out of discipline. But the thing about blogs is, once they lose their focus, a loss of inspiration quickly follows.

My focus is changing. I'm in a transitional time now, and it seems like a good time to let Ferry Dust go the way of the Walkman. While I have often processed things publically, I am craving a step backwards, back into a time when life was not so "public." I hope to start a new blog in the future, but I need to step away for a bit and figure out what, if anything, I really have to say. Sometimes I feel like I just add to the clutter of too much information online, too many voices vying to be heard.

The good folks at Conversant Life are supportive of my blogging hiatus, and they have extended an open inviation to me for when I'm ready to "come back." (I love my friends at Conversant Life!) So you might see me again in the new year. But I might not be writing from New York City, and since this city has been such a huge part of who I have been for the past twelve years, I expect there will be a season of silence. Finter. Or Wing.Or Sprinter, even.

Thank you for walking with me, for reading my posts and contributing (mostly) constructive feedback. Wish me well as I move through this Season of Mystery, this Wilderness of Questions. I'll be in touch when I dock this ship, and, knowing me, I'm pretty sure there will be fresh inspiration and lots to say.

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Thank you Christy..I'm going to miss reading you..but I'm sure others like me..we'll wait for the next season when you arrive to a new beginning...until Winspringfallsum..Take care.

I'll miss reading your musings. And I hope to see you again in the blogosphere.

Haven't been reading your for ever so long but thank you all the same. Having met Steven Garber, it was good to hear your interview with him.

It far more worrying when Christians don't move forward from one season to another in their lives.

So bravo! Tackle it all with courage and make an adventure of it, even in the little wobbles.

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We gonna miss you Christy but still we are waiting for your next article next season, Good luck and have a happy journey. - YOR Health Products

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A New Yorker for nearly ten years, Christy Tennant rides the Staten Island Ferry several times a week. She never tires of the boats in the harbor, watching seagulls in flight, the Statue of Liberty, and the Manhattan skyline.