Approaching God
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In Approaching God Lisa Borden shares six intimate portraits of God to help you know Him better and pray with greater freedom. She addresses common misconceptions and shows you how God is artist, friend, father, sustainer, teacher and healer. Learn how to meet God in prayer with greater intimacy and joy.

Lisa Borden has spent twenty-two years as a missionary, first among the Maasai in Kenya's wilderness, then among urban tribes of young people in Portugal. She now works in Tanzania, and is on the International Leadership Team of 24-7 Prayer. Lisa is a respected speaker and writes regularly for 24-7 Prayer. She and her husband Byron have four children. 


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This delightful little book about different aspects of God and how we can approach Him, can give new life and meaning to our own prayers. Written from her heart, Mrs. Borden shares personal and family experiences that show how we can walk and talk to God all day long. What a perfect book for gift giving at this Season.

Lisa Borden is a very talented, insightful writer. Her words are refreshing, spiritual,thought provoking and uplifting. I look forward to future writings from her. I would highly recommend.