Amid the Crash
songs from the intersection of pain and hope
Austin, TX
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Amid the Crash is J.R. Taylor, Jim Shields and Ty Cobb. They have played together for 13 years on various projects. AtC is a reckoning of the soul, with thought-provoking lyrics and a sound that transports the listener to their own personal intersection.
Go to YouTube for latest video clip of The Only Road I Know:
6 song EP: The Only Road I Know, 'Til I Return, The Great Endeavor, Might Fall, Another Day, Waiting For You
Progressive Alternative Rock. Recommended if you like: Oceansize, Dredg, Mae, Smashing Pumpkins, Cool Hand Luke. Visit or itunes to hear the music of AtC.
There are many roads that promise hope but there's only one that leads me home