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a Christian response to suffering

I believe that when we are open, God opens our eyes to suffering that has been taking place in the world around us. This revelation leads to the question of our response. Responding to this call is simple. God asks us to pray. Be in prayer at all times for all things.

There are many ways to participate in social action. In fact, it was Evangelical Christians who led the charge to abolish slavery in the United States, petition the Right of Women to vote and own property and further social causes globally. If you are a Christian, then it is more than an individual calling, it is your heritage to become a source of change in your community.

Most of the time social change can happen by spreading the word among friends and family. You can start a blog or submit letters to editors of local and/or Christian publications. You can right to your state representatives to D.C. Keep pressing onward. You are not alone.