Chris Simning
Gilbert, Arizona
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Welcome to Our Networking With A Purpose is a place to connect your faith to news, culture and community. My hope is that you find to be a great place to find knowledge and connect with other people of faith who share your same passions.

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Words need to cease. We must listen. Our Christianity becomes mundane. Faith needs resuscitation. When rhetoric and relics intermingle, given the proper time and place, it’s a symphony of sound paving way to an eclectic adventure of abundance!
Writing...Hiking...Being at the Ocean...Reading...Photography...Conversing over Dinner/Coffee...
Anything except rap or heavy metal!
Rudy...A Man Without a Face...Radio...Dead Poet's Society...Field of Dreams... These are just a few!
"God never takes away your pain, but He always gives it meaning"... "Jesus accepts you for just the way you are, but He loves you way too much to keep you there"
BA in Sociology from Sonoma State University, '95 ... MA in Clinical Psychology from Azusa Pacific University, '99
Motivational Speaker for Obscure Ministries 2000 - Present